ShopiShopa Consulting lance les formations en visio "3 heures pour comprendre"

ShopiShopa Consulting launching the "3 hours to understand" online training seminars

ShopiShopa Consulting, a Shopify Plus & Shopify POS Technology Consulting boutique for mid-sized and major corporations, is announcing its new "3 hours to understand" online training seminars.

Designed for IT/eCommerce Consultants, Project Directors and Project Managers, the "3 hours to understand" seminars provide state-of-the-art insights to fully understand Shopify, Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, and embrace this disruptive technology.

These new training seminars are in full remote mode, via the video conferencing software Zoom.

The 3-hour format with no more than 4 participants allows the trainer to take specific questions into account in order to maximize interactions. As for an in-person training seminar, the goal is to provide qualitative explanations, so that each participant can understand and memorize as much information as possible.

The seminars content is constantly updated with the latest news and developments from Shopify products and services.

The first seminars, “3 hours to understand Shopify Plus” and “3 hours to understand Shopify POS”, are starting at the end of September and are available in English and in French. Dates and times for English seminars make them available for participants in any time zone.

For more information on the "3 hours to understand" seminars, feel free to contact us.


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