3 hours to understand Shopify Plus (in English)

  • Who should attend?

    • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Project Managers • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Project Directors • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Practice Managers • Project Management Consultants

  • Trainer and training documentation

    • The seminar is hosted by Christophe Davy, head of ShopiShopa Consulting, and Shopify expert since 2015. • During the training, a slide show is shared by the trainer. This presentation is sent to each participant, in pdf format, at the end of the seminar.

This training seminar is in English. The same seminar is available in French.


  • Welcome (⏱ 10 mn)
    • Seminar goals
    • Who is the trainer?
    • Who is attending?
  • Introduction to Shopify Plus (⏱ 20 mn)
    • History and ambition of Shopify Plus
    • Shopify Plus contract
    • Multi-store by design
    • A « game changer »
  • Shopify Plus specific features (⏱ 100 mn)
    • The new Admin
    • Custom Checkout Tunnel
    • Shopify Scripts
    • Shopify Flow
    • Shopify Launchpad
    • Shopify Transporter
    • Shopify Wholesale Channel
    • Better API rate limits
  • How to integrate Shopify Plus with legacy systems (⏱ 30 mn)
    • Data migration
    • Connection with an ERP
    • Connection with a CRM
    • Connection with other systems
    • Security and regulatory rules: user management, double authentication, single sign-on, GDPR, CCPA
  • Shopify Plus personalized support (⏱ 10 mn)
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Dedicated Launch Engineer
    • Merchant Success Program
  • Rely on the ecosystem (⏱ 10 mn)
    • Shopify Plus clients community
    • Work with an official partner
    • Work with Shopify Plus Certified Apps

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