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After looking at all the solutions on the market, you have made the decision to migrate to Shopify, Shopify Plus, and/or Shopify POS. Congratulations!

You now want to build a roadmap aimed at migrating your online store to Shopify Plus, and/or migrating your physical retail IT system to Shopify POS.

With this goal in mind, ShopiShopa Consulting can help you successfully manage your migration project.


ShopiShopa Consulting can carry out various MIGRATION missions, including:
• Operational migration roadmap to Shopify Plus and/or Shopify POS
• Client data migration
• Order data migration
• Product data migration
• Connexion to legacy systems (CRM, PIM, ERP, WMS...)
• Marketing data migration (brand content, images,...)
• SEO migration (Google, local data,..)
• Apps evaluation
• Test and Go Live management
• Post-launch measurement and management

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You want to build an action plan aimed at migrating your online store to Shopify?