Shopify Plus et Shopify POS, toujours plus omnicanal !

Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, now even more omnichannel!

In the last 3 months, Shopify has successively released brand new versions of Shopify Plus and Shopify POS.

We have already introduced the new Shopify Plus Admin, which aims at becoming the heart of the solution.

The new Shopify POS is actually a new version of the iOS App (and, soon, of the Android App), automatically embedded in the Shopify store once started with the Shopify credentials.

The new Shopify POS provides many new features, including:
  • Built-in reporting
  • Smart inventory
  • Detailed staff permissions
  • ship-to-customer feature

In addition to the existing and native sales channels (marketplaces, social networks, buy button), the combination of Shopify Plus and Shopify POS powers an amazing omnichannel solution!

Let’s remind us what omnichannel retail means: “Omnichannel removes the boundaries between different sales and marketing channels to create a unified, integrated whole. The distinctions between channels—onsite, social, mobile, email, physical, and instant messaging—disappear as a single view of the customer as well as a single experience of commerce emerges” (source: Omnichannel vs Multichannel: What is the Difference and Why Does It Matter?).

We already knew that Shopify was omnichannel by design. With the latest versions of its main products, Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, Shopify is making it even more true!

To discuss Shopify Plus or Shopify POS, and discover how ShopiShopa Consulting can help your organization take advantage of it, feel free to contact us.


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