Le nouvel Admin de Shopify Plus est arrivé

The new Shopify Plus Admin has arrived

The long-awaited new version of Shopify Plus has arrived, and is gradually rolled out among Shopify Plus clients.

Announced at Unite conference in June 2019, the new version has been officially presented at re-Unite (the online version of Unite) conference two weeks ago.

Shopify is constantly updated at an amazing pace, and Shopify Plus clients automatically get all the Shopify upgrades. Now, exclusive to Shopify Plus, a new centralized Admin tool is available, and it's a major upgrade to the solution.

What can be done with this new organization Admin? It allows managing staff, stores, and workflow automations securely from one central location.

The new Shopify Plus provides a real-time business overview of all the stores:

It's now possible to manage staff throughout all the stores from a single place, including user rights:

Stores are now centrally managed, along with all automated Flows:

One of the key features of the new Shopify Plus Admin is the possibility to easily create a new store, based on existing contents and parameters from an existing store:

As mentioned in Shopify Plus communication, the new organization Admin will have additional functionalities coming soon. For us at ShopiShopa Consulting it's clear that the new Shopify Plus Admin will become the heart of the solution.

To discuss the new Shopify Plus Admin and discover how ShopiShopa Consulting can help your organization take advantage of it, feel free to contact us.

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