Un nouveau Shopify Plus - #ShopifyUnite

A brand new Shopify Plus - #ShopifyUnite

ShopiShopa Consulting was at Shopify Unite in Toronto, from June 20th to June 22nd 2019; this article is part of a series of short posts debriefing the conference.

On stage during the main keynote, Product Lead Katie Cerar introduced the all new Shopify Plus, coming later this year!

The new Shopify Plus enables large and complex businesses to manage multiple stores, users, automation, and more in one centralized dashboard.

Via this dashboard, brands will now be able to:
  • Have a centralized view to stores analytics,
  • Organize and manage staff accounts and permissions across the organization,
  • Manage Flow automation throughout the different stores,
  • Use one account to log in to all the stores.

With the new Shopify Plus, Shopify is more than ever the world's first global retail operating system!

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