ShopiShopa Consulting lance sa méthodologie exclusive SSC MAP®

ShopiShopa Consulting launching exclusive SSC MAP® methodology

ShopiShopa Consulting, a Shopify Plus & Shopify POS Technology Consulting boutique for mid-sized and major corporations, is announcing its exclusive SSC MAP® methodology to be unveiled this Fall 2019.

Specifically built to help mid-sized and major corporations teams run efficient Shopify Plus and/or Shopify POS projects, this exclusive methodology is at the heart of ShopiShopa Consulting added value.

As Shopify and IT experts, providing a unique combination of skills to the Shopify ecosystem, ShopiShopa Consulting services allow its clients to:
  • Understand the impact that Shopify Plus and/or Shopify POS could have on their IT organisation,
  • Build a roadmap to migrate to Shopify Plus and/or Shopify POS,
  • Strengthen the management of their Shopify Plus and/or Shopify POS projects.

For more information on ShopiShopa Consulting services, feel free to contact us.

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