Shopify Plus représente maintenant plus de 40% du volume des transactions sur Shopify

Shopify Plus now accounts for more than 40% of Shopify GMV

At the end of Fiscal Year 2018, Shopify Plus was already accounting for more than 40% of Shopify overall GMV.

As can be seen on the chart above, presented at Shopify Investor Day in June 2019, Plus New Businesses and Plus Upgrades are contributing more and more to Shopify GMV.

Knowing that there were 5,300 Shopify Plus merchants early this year (as stated in Shopify 2018 annual report), compared to more than 800,000 standard Shopify merchants, lShopify Plus GMV traction is particularly impressive!

And thanks to the growth of Shopify Plus merchants businesses, Shopify overall GMV has reached a major milestone during Q2 2019, reaching an average of $1 billion per week!

This amazing growth is powered by the platform, which is a brilliant tool. As Harley Finkelstein stated during Shopify Q2 2019 Earnings Call: "In terms of the go-to market strategy, it remains generally the same, we're still not going out for golf games with anyone to convince them to come to Shopify Plus, that's just not our strategy".

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