Shopify est omnicanal !

Shopify is omnichannel!

Online shoppers are also potential customers in physical stores. Mobile, tablet, desktop, social networks, physical stores: customer is king, he can choose where and how he wants to buy.

The Shopify platform provides a truly omnichannel solution: recognized for its eCommerce features, Shopify is also very strong in retail, natively! With a Shopify account, you have access to omnichannel features: to open an online store, as for open a physical store, or sell on social networks.

Immediately, without any additional software or solution, Shopify allows for instance:

- an online shopper to return a product in a physical store,

- a retail customer to be receive at home an out of stock product,

- an online shopper to be delivered in a physical store,

- an online shopper to put an option on a product in a physical stor,

- ...

And let's be clear! When we talk about native omnichannel with Shopify, we are talking about features at the heart of the solution, and directly maintained by Shopify teams.

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