Shopify Editions Été 2022

Shopify Editions Summer' 22

On June 22nd, Shopify has unveiled Shopify Editions, a new website presenting the new features launched during the first semester 2022.

More than 100 features and updates are listed, showcasing the constant evolution of Shopify and all its products (Shopify Plus, Shopify POS,...).

Among all these announcements, we have spotted 21 brand new features and products that had never been introduced before Shopify Editions. They are all in this article, grouped by product/scope.

3 new ways to sell with Shopify

  • New Twitter App: After Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, US merchants can now sell some of their products on their Twitter profiles.
  • Tokengated Commerce: Currently in "Early Access Beta", it is a set of features around NFTs that will allow merchants to develop their customers' loyalty through products and experiences reserved for token holders.
  • Hydrogen: Announced last summer, and launched in Beta at the end of 2021, the new headless framework Hydrogen has just been delivered in version 1.0, and is therefore now fully operational.

2 evolutions for the Shop App

  • Shop Cash: Shopify now offers 1% of cashback on any purchase made with Shop Pay on the Shop App. To convert first-time sales faster, merchants can offer additional promotions (Shop Cash Boosts) on the purchase of some of their products.
  • Shop Store: By adding the Shop sales channel to their back office, North American merchants can customize their stores information displayed in the Shop App.

4 new features for Shopify Plus

  • B2B on Shopify: Starting today June 27th, Shopify Plus merchants can create a wholesale version of their B2C site, using options available in the native Shopify Plus menu (and no longer using the Wholesale Channel): Company profiles, Price lists, Payment terms, B2B checkout, Customer accounts, Theme customization, B2B analytics.
  • Checkout Extensibility: This new way of working with the checkout, currently in "Developer Preview", will allow Shopify Plus merchants to install Apps that improve and personalize the shopping experience. Customization by the checkout.liquid file will eventually be deprecated.
  • Shopify Functions: This is the new name of the Shopify Scripts. They will now be available as Apps, easy to install for merchants, and developed by many partners.
  • Shopify QL Notebooks: This is a query language to dig into databases. Coming with built-in commerce context, it will help take business decisions. Already accessible for some merchants in "Early Access".

2 improvements for Shopify POS

  • New hardware: Shopify is announcing a new hardware (“Coming soon”) that will allow staffs to take care of customers throughout the sale process, until payment, from anywhere in the store.
  • 50 locations: A merchant can now create up to 50 locations (instead of 20) in Shopify, knowing that Shopify has announced they want to quickly reach 1,000 locations.

4 upgrades in Shopify Admin

  • Admin enhancement: The Apps menu has been moved under the Sales Channels menu, and it now allows merchants to pin the Apps they use the most for a quicker access (with a single click).
  • Discount combinations: This was a major request within the ecosystem. It will now be possible to combine the effects of more than one discount for the same order. The first merchants selected in the "Early Access" program can already implement it.
  • Return API: One year and a half after having released manual returns management from the back office, Shopify announces ("Coming soon") a Return API which will in particular make it possible to automatically upgrade statuses based on the warehouse activity or the quality control.
  • Pixels: Pixels are Javascript code snippets, running from different pages on the website (including, and this is new, in the checkout), and used to retrieve behavioral data on visitors. Pixels are compatible with Shopify's Customer Privacy API, and therefore with GDPR-type regulations. For the moment, Pixels are in "Beta".

6 evolutions for the Apps

  • Pre-orders Apps: A new generation of Pre-orders Apps better integrating with Shopify (in particular with the checkout) is now available in the App Store. These Apps make it possible to manage orders with pre-ordered products, including the deferred payment of the purchase.
  • New Try Before You Buy Apps: A brand new type of Apps, highly integrated into the Shopify checkout, Try Before You Buy Apps allow clients to receive and try products, before being charged for the amount of items they are keeping.
  • New Search and Discovery App: Shopify has announced ("Coming soon") a new App which will allow for the first time (without adding another App) to personalize answers to visitors search requests (for example by processing synonyms, or by showcasing products on specific queries), but also to customize the use of the automatic recommendations already powered by Shopify.
  • Built for Shopify: Beyond the design guidelines already published on the Polaris website, Shopify has now released additional rules and recommendations to create Apps that are even better integrated with the platform. Knowing that Shopify announces that the Apps that will integrate best into the back office will benefit from a better visibility in the App Store!
  • Embedded App Improvements: A new integration process now allows Apps to appear in the back-office as if they were part of the menu, appearing full-screen within the Admin, and displaying the App navigation as subnav within Shopify menu.
  • App-Owned Metafields: Apps can now store data in a merchant store (using metafields), data that only they will have access to.

For more information on Shopify Editions Summer' 22, you can visit the dedicated site.

To discuss the new features and their different uses in Shopify, Shopify Plus and Shopify POS, feel free to contact us.


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