Pourquoi la nouvelle app Shop est un "game changer" !

Why the new Shop app is a game changer!

A few days ago Shopify has unveiled Shop, a rebranded and extended version of former app Arrive.

Unlike most of Shopify tools and services, aimed at helping merchants build and develop their businesses online and locally (with now more than 1 million businesses live!), the new Shop app is a consumer-oriented app.

Shopify had previously launched Arrive, its first-ever consumer app, offering a live tracking of packages from Shopify merchants. According to Shopify, Arrive had already been used by 16 million consumers.

As a rebranding of Arrive app, lthe new Shop app immediately starts with a 16-million user base (not too bad!) while offering new and very promising functionalities.

With Shop app, consumers can now:
  • Browse into all Shopify stores,
  • Get purchase recommendations,
  • Learn more about local brands,
  • Track orders deliveries,
  • Make faster-than-ever purchases using the one-click Shop Pay checkout process.

Even if Shop now offers features that are close to what a marketplace can do, it's not going to become a marketplace any time soon. Why? Because Shop is based on Shopify unique vision of commerce, and this vision is as simple as: "We’re building a fundamentally new way to shop".

The Shop app helps Shopify merchants grow their direct-to-consumer businesses in a good way, online and locally, while offering consumers a next-generation shopping assistant. Merchants and Consumers are together at the center of the game, unlike what happens on marketplaces like Amazon.

At ShopiShopa Consulting, we think that Shop app is a game changer for the business. It redefines the way merchants sell to consumers, and it redefines the way consumers decide to buy to merchants. We envision that Shop will continue to evolve and push towards a complete new world of commerce.

To discuss Shop app and discover how ShopiShopa Consulting can help your organization take advantage of Shopify ecosystem, feel free to contact us.

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