Nos « SSC Trusted Partners » pour 2021

our "SSC Trusted Partners" for 2021

ShopiShopa Consulting, a Shopify Plus & Shopify POS Technology Consulting boutique for mid-sized and major corporations, is announcing its “SSC Trusted Partner” label recipients for 2021.

In the wake of the amazing growth of Shopify, all over the world, the ecosystem of service providers is also growing extremely rapidly. Manage merchants eCommerce or retail project, work on their site design, or bring additional services via an App: innovation and entrepreneurial dynamics are today at full speed around Shopify.

One of the consequences of this global craze is that quality is now at stake. With the “SSC Trusted Partner“ label, ShopiShopa Consulting wants to identify and push forward a network of professional and qualified providers.

This label is awarded to agencies and freelancers trusted and highly recommended by ShopiShopa Consulting. The “SSC Trusted Partner“ logo aims at helping its recipients be more visible to their future clients, by providing a qualitative stamp.

For the year 2021, the “SSC Trusted Partner“ label recipients are:

For more information on the “SSC Trusted Partner“ label, feel free to contact us.


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