Les Apps iOS et Android de Shopify

Shopify iOS and Android Apps

At the heart of its product and service offering, Shopify smartphone applications are becoming increasingly important on a day-to-day basis for merchants and customers.

The Shopify App allows merchants to access the back-office of their stores from a smartphone: very useful for monitoring sales, dealing with an emergency, or even working on additional content.

The Shopify POS App is the software merchants will use to manage their physical points of sale, most of the time from a tablet. Activated from the Shopify back office, it brings its omnichannel dimension to Shopify.

The Shopify Ping App lets merchants manage all of their customers conversations from one place.

The Shop App is a consumer-oriented app, which allows consumers to browse into all Shopify stores, get purchase recommendations, learn more about local brands, track orders deliveries, and make faster-than-ever purchases using the one-click Shop Pay checkout process (in countries where this option is available).

The Compass App provides Shopify and eCommerce online courses for merchants.

The Scratch App is a small photo cropping tool, particularly useful for merchants taking photos of their products from their smartphone.

The Hatchful App is a logo generator, based on the name and the industry of a business.

Finally, the Local Delivery App allows merchants to prepare an optimal route for the delivery of orders placed by customers who are geographically close to their stocks.

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