3 hours to understand the Shopify phenomenon (in French)

3 hours to understand the Shopify phenomenon (in French)

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100% interactive Zoom seminar, maximum 4 participants.
Content is constantly updated.

(LA : Los Angeles / NY : New York / LO : Londres / PA : Paris / HK : Hong Kong / TO : Tokyo)

Still 4 spots available for this date!

This training seminar is in French. The same seminar is available in English.

Read our FAQ for detailed information on the seminar organization.


Everyone has heard of Shopify. Entrepreneurs, corporations, media, eCommerce experts,... the name of this platform is on everyone's lips!

For sure, Shopify is a tsunami, a "game changer": online store, physical store, social networks, augmented reality... everything is native in this omnichannel platform.

For those who don't yet know what Shopify can do, the marketing may sounds too good to be true. But for those who are already in the ecosystem (clients, agencies, partners...), it's just the reality on a day-to-day basis!

This 3-hour online training seminar will help you understand the Shopify phenomenon, go beyond your first thoughts, discover a set of tools and services, and understand the disruption that this platform delivers.

  • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Project Managers
  • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Project Directors
  • Corporation or Agency IT/eCommerce Practice Managers
  • Project Management Consultants


The seminar is hosted by Christophe Davy, head of ShopiShopa Consulting, and Shopify expert since 2015.


During the training, a slide show is shared by the trainer. This presentation is sent to each participant, in pdf format, at the end of the session.

  • Welcome (⏱ 10 mn)
    • Seminar goals
    • Who is the trainer?
    • Who is attending?
  • Introduction to Shopify (⏱ 40 mn)
    • Shopify in 10 dates
    • Business model
    • Omnichannel
    • iOS and Android Apps
    • Who are Shopify clients?
    • Shopify global scope
    • Shopify mindset
  • Shopify main features (⏱ 40 mn)
    • Products, Customers and Orders
    • Themes
    • Apps
    • Sales channels
    • API
    • Some notable features
  • Shopify Plus presentation (⏱ 20 mn)
    • Shopify Plus contract
    • Multi-store oriented
    • Shopify Plus specific features
    • Shopify Plus personalized support
  • Shopify POS presentation (⏱ 20 mn)
    • Shopify POS
    • Shopify POS Pro
    • Omnichannel oriented
  • Shopify financial services (⏱ 20 mn)
    • Shopify Payments
    • Shop Pay
    • Shopify Capital
    • Shopify Balance
  • Shopify logistics (⏱ 10 mn)
    • Shopify Fulfillment Network
    • 6 River System
  • Shopify ecosystem (⏱ 20 mn)
    • Shopify Experts
    • Shopify Partners
    • Shopify Plus Partners